Monday, July 26, 2010

The Condom Bowl

This blog started as the result of a dating challenge that my friend threw down, The Arch Challenge. The task: seven dates, seven days in a row, seven different men. The reward: a glass bowl for the sake of holding condoms.

This challenge changed my feelings about dating altogether. It made me far more comfortable with dating, especially with first dates and blind dates, thereby making it easier for me to focus on the important aspects of the date. It enabled me to better assess each man and our chemistry, which in turn helped me figure out and fine tune what I'm looking for in a partner. Moreover, this challenge granted me a sense of humor about dating that I think everyone could do with a little more of. For people who can handle the intensity of seven straight nights of dating, I highly recommend this challenge.

There is one remaining Arch date that I never blogged about. It was the only one that was not arranged online; that is, I met him through mutual friends. He was also the only Arch date who wasn't a "first" date. I've been seeing him for the last several months, which is why my stories have petered out. I will be blogging about that date soon.

And now, I present to you la taza del condón.

1 comment:

  1. Looks a lot cooler than I remember. Pretty disappointed that you didn't show it uh.. err... "loaded" in your demo. Is it empty because you ran out?